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Take a trip from the past to the future of an instrument that 57,000,000 people in the world know how to play! Watch and learn how the Guitar evolved from its roots in Central Asia, to its place in modern rock bands, to its latest iteration on your mobile device!

Don’t have the app yet? Download Guitar! and join millions of users across the world.

Guitar for iOS:

Smule creates social music-making experiences for everyone. Join us and unleash your inner musician! Listen to the global community at


Bhavishya Singh says:

when u r roaming in jungle we Indian were playing guitars(sitar)

Liz Smith says:

i eat cats for lunch yum

Liz Smith says:

im bob hows your day

GT Marx says:

Android plz

monsterman106 says:

make it for android too

Jc Rufo says:

Please made one for Android really want to play a guitar but I don't know how to but I knew that smule is the answer for my problem !
Really want this app for Android ! 🙂

Breanna Marie says:

This reminds me if AsapScience…

Sam Mayekar says:

Android plz this is kinda new and fun

jacobobeast says:

We want it on android

Nicolas nuñez says:

Lo sacaran Para android

isaacsaanchez says:

Sooooooooooo what's the history? ?

TheZuku101 says:

App Guitar! for Android plz ! 🙂

hanurry花 says:

Draw my life 😀 | Guitar.

Smule says:

Thanks for the feedback- we're working on some exciting new stuff. Stay tuned!

Kim André Moen says:

but port this to android

Kim André Moen says:

cool i love this video style

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