Stop Your Solos from Sounding Like Scales – Steve Stine Guitar Lesson

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In this guitar lesson, Steve Stine discusses tips and tricks to help your guitar solos to sound more creative and realistic, and to stop simply sounding like guitar scales going back and forth.


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Steve Stine Guitar Lessons says:

Need help with your Guitar Path?

See Steve's Guitar Courses:


Request a Guitar Lesson Video:

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Manon VC says:


livingroomsuperstar says:

very helpful video dude. The leadoff solo proved you're legit but I already knew that was so by the tats and hair, tbh

Fender Strat says:

Do you have this backing track?

Jay Sison says:

I swear this guy sold his soul.

greatunz67 says:

106 people just got their first Sears guitar for xmas and realized they will most likely never be able to play like this

Lee Barnes says:

You're a brilliant teacher.

memories says:

Really informative and intuitive

Michael Caserta says:

Steve your the best teacher for guitar on yt, thanks a ton.

John Burris says:

Steve I subscribed to your channel like a few months ago. And you even sent me a personal invitation 2 one of your life streams. I've not responded to any guitar courses that you sent to me. Because I've been pretty ill. Have some health problems going on and I really can't do music right now. But I appreciate the offer is that you sent. Maybe someday when I feel better I can take one of your courses. Stii watch your videos even though I can't play right now. I still enjoy them think you're an amazing guitar player and a teacher. Just want you to know I wasn't ignoring you or your offers. I think you're an amazing teacher. An amazing guitar player. I love how positive you are. And your videos. I think the thing it comes across the most with you you have a wonderful heart. Thanks so much. Your friend John Burris

Fatz Treeboy says:

wow, so pretty opening solo 🙂

The Atenae says:

How do you get that tone man? It is awesome… and great lesson!

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