String Gauges 101

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Having trouble figuring out what string gauges to use on your guitar?
Hopefully this helps.

Here’s a good chunk of info on different string gauges and why you might choose one over the other. Hope this helps!

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My signature string set with Cleartone:

I’ve since changed my preferences to use the 9 set on my 8 string 99.9% of the time. So we’ve since done away with the 10 set.

Here’s a recent main channel video with certainly the weirdest group of string gauges I’ve ever use:

Also the video style was very much inspired by me watching a lot of Wheezywaiter recently:


PhazeRCIL says:

I just got 10 packs of 14 gauge

jim tex says:

13’s like stevie the lord

chris roberts says:

compromise for lead and rhythm for an extended range rhythm guitar

sam maynard says:

I was about to bring up how much I love light top heavy bottom, but as I started typing you brought them up haha

Great man 24 says:

is it weird that i find 0.012 normal

CaptainAnonymous says:

damn, the people at guitar center fucked me over. They said 14's were a good start. No wonder my wrists feel like they got hit with a hammer

deadseveredhead says:

Ditch the attempted comedy. Just tell us about strings.

Bruno Treves says:

My fingers getting swole! Dude, great video!

NotProgressive says:

But cannibal corpse songs are a half step down, right?

Stephen Parkes says:

I used 11's on a Telecaster when I was in my 20's (can't remember the brand but normally a hybrid type set with the low strings not too thick) and 8's on a friends Les Paul always felt like elastic bands in comparison due to the various things you mentioned. Mind you that guitar never stayed in tune after the first bend anyway whatever it was strung with so it didn't really matter 😉 Now, coming back after 20 years off, I'm sticking with 10's. Not too stiff to bend a note but not like cheese wire when I bend either.

Sadžid Smajkić says:

More tension equals better tuning stability? Not in my book. Well probably not in any book.

RPG noob says:

You kinda look like metal Ed Sheeran

Just a Random Guy says:

I used to play 13's and nobody wanted to play my guitar, I moved to 10's and enjoyed my acoustic my more afterwords

Shawn Church says:

Playing cannibal corpse will keep me on your lawn

Gary Novak says:

I'd prefer a .005 gauge. I'm a very lazy person & all that finger movement is very tiring. Now I need a nap after posting this exhausting comment.


What about blues

Jeremey O'Dell says:

Anyone else suddenly thinking Rob looks a lot like Theon Greyjoy after those Inner Thoughts Cam segments?

Reragi says:

strings? I use bridge cables to keep satan awake while he slowly feeds off my ever-dwindling life energy.

68 Rumble Bee says:

That’s not how gauges work. The smaller the guage the bigger or stronger the object is, such as shotgun shells and AWG(American wire gauge). The smaller the guage the bigger the shotgun shell, the smaller the guage the thicker the strings. ELIXIR STRINGS RULE!

LoLBro XD says:

U look like my english teacher, but doesn't have hair?

spudbrain says:

I love guitar so much that I wish my dick was shaped like one

spudbrain says:

I love guitar so much that I wish my dick was shaped like one

Ryan Harper says:

I get 12s!!!! I AM SO METAL!!!

art에반 says:

13s – scare kids
Bass strings – kills kids

art에반 says:

What about centimetres for the other 95% of the world

Cody Gaisser says:

The light/medium/heavy naming conventions are OLD. Back in the 50s-60s, 11-12 gauge strings were standard until guitarists started replacing the high E with a banjo string, ditching the low E string, and moving the other strings down to create a lighter set of strings. Ernie Ball started packaging and selling these lighter sets as Slinkies circa the late 60s, which is when 9-10 gauge sets started to become standard.

taimour amin says:

awesome video for me dude

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