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In this country guitar lesson, Anders will teach you how to play a super easy country rhythm on acoustic guitar. He gets the classic country style by using an acoustic guitar and will teach you how to strum in time using simple, easy chords with a beat. Anders will also practice with you slow and easy with a metronome.

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Core Learning System is the award-winning step by step beginner guitar program from Guitar Tricks. Country Level 1 is the first course in the after you get through both Guitar Fundamentals courses in the Core Learning System, a great place to start for absolute beginners. Here is a lesson from Chapter 1 of Country Level 1 on country strumming basics!


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Charlie Durham says:

Great solution to a common problem,thanks. Beautiful guitar.

Ato Cox says:

I'm glad Anders pointed out the importance of using a metronome.Having said that, could you please tell me the metronome BPM(beats per minute) used at 4:20 and 7:11. I'm one of those who needs to use the metronome more.Thanks.

Douglas Dunkle says:

Wish there was a link to find that backing track.

Samp Hudson Jr says:

I'll be back! Enjoyed your video, thank you!

ritesideofthefence 58 says:

Amazing Anders , thank you.

Treedudeman says:

Its 4AM why am i watching this

Kanyi Thiong'o says:

Nice lessons. I recorded this song after watching your lessons

wayne brown says:

One of the best teacher online for me and trust be I have looked at hundreds of hours.

Bharat Bhagwat says:

Perfect Instructions … 😀

Eddie Rodrigues says:

Thanks a chunk Anders, i have taken a lot from your lesson. All this time i memorized chord shapes and stuff, but i just could not put my act together. This session seems to address my concern.

At 50 its kind of sluggish, but thanks to my online tutors (like yourself), soon i will be playing a lot better.

Thank you and God bless.

atoujo says:

thank you!!

Robert Greer says:

Just picked up the guitar after almost 30 years.  Found this video very informative.  By the end I actually seemed like I learned something.  Thank you

Lonnie Christopher says:

…..I recognized that simple strumming to the opening of a song…..So I checked Cowboy- Chords, sure enough…."I'm Over you" by Keith Whitley……..same strumming of the E chord thru most of the song….

Isabelle Elliot says:

Thank you!!!

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