The 10 SCARIEST Sounds To Make On Guitar

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Everything from the sound of the earth rumbling to demonic droids. Have fun with this one. 🙂
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Nicolas Torres says:

Want to hear the creepiest guitar sounds? Never ever heard in any Black Metal song. Check out "I am become death" by Joe Satriani

Ps. Thumbs up so people can listen to it

MR POPO says:

Breaking a string in a gig while doing solo is the scariest :<

Gabriel Dela Cruz says:

not scary at all

Adam J says:

The first one sounds a bit similar to a warplane ngl

Anata No oji says:

of course, my cat's been able to do it six years ago.

Foxtrot The Warlord says:

i hear a stuka

François Jacques says:

That hades harp at the beginning of 'Rain When I Die' by Alice In Chains… probably the scariest sound ever. The first chord from 'If My Mind Is Evil' by White Lion is also be quite disturbing.

Sbf King D'anngelo says:

You're kinda look like a demon man… no offense✌

Mark Wierzbicki says:

The scariest sound is when you walk into a guitar store and some one is playing stair way to heaven lol

NiT8 - '98 says:

Those droid sounds ??

Thrashman says:

lol I was watching this and my cat got up and walked over here to see what the noise was

Mein Kamph says:

Your head flicky thing you do at 16 seconds makes me want to kill myself


3:47 slayer solo

justcauz97 says:

Demon Droid sounds like r2d2 on drugs ?

Migs TV says:

1:10 sound like race car

Charles Erkenswick says:

By the way, Tom Morello made the demon droid famous

pschroeter1 says:

The scariest sound is an E string breaking during a guitar solo.

PixelRx-7 xd says:

this is better than horror movies nowdays…

Kongkong Barnacha says:

Can i have one of your guitar sir????

ArcticTwist says:

Dead Kennedys wants to know your location

Akshat Pandey says:

6:02 I Am Iron Man !!!

Akshat Pandey says:

didn't knew markiplier played guitar

StamfordBridge says:

The second one reminded me so much of the start of Holiday in Cambodia.

Dennis Grant says:

1:36 PRIMUS. Also the intro to Tool "Prison Sex". I love alt-metal lol

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