The 5 Most Important Musical Scales

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These scales make up the root of nearly every piece of music you’ll hear. Here is a look at the sounds and what you can do with them.
Resources and links to each point:
What is a scale? 00:15
Major Scales 00:55
Jazz Minor 04:27
Harmonic Minor 05:16
Whole Tone Scale 05:48
Diminished Scales 06:18

4 Pillars Of Theory
All You Need to Know About Modes

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Josh Gutierrez says:

First time viewer. I don't normally comment, but I really enjoyed the way you presented this topic. The graphics were great and I think I might come back to this video and take notes because I found it very useful. I'm hoping I can find some time to check out more and get some notes down. Great work!

haydencct says:

What guitar is he using in this video

To lazy to thing about a Chanel name says:

Thank you sir

iain schmaloer says:

I love the Hungarian minor. You can use it every genre

Alberto González Bollaín says:

ahem… So you're talking about most IMPORTANT scales, and on top of leaving the melodic minor out, you go and throw in the whole tone scale which even you say it's used over aug7 chords which are very RARE…

Gonçalo Alexandre says:

Damn! I love your jazzy melodies

Daniel Skrivan says:

I've not heard of a 'bebop' scale before. I'd have liked to hear a little bit more about why that's used. Also, while you provided great examples for the Jazz Minor and Harmonic Minor, I'd have liked to hear examples of how the Whole Tone and Diminished scales are used (instead of just hearing the scale).

Daniel Skrivan says:

0:40 also not to be confused with bass scales, which is what you remove to get to the meat.

Hsing says:

2301 likes and 17dislikes…just so you know, Pink Floyd live videos do not even have a like/dislike ratio like this…

bill tost says:

Best scale explanation ever. Cheers man

Asher D says:

"Jazz minor" is actually called melodic minor.

UnchainedSoul3 says:

You lost me at 3:00

Jacob Stewart says:

Isn’t it red blue and green for RGB blue and green make yellow right

Thunder Falcon says:

I love how clear and concise you are, but you lost me the moment you switched to Roman numerals. The thing is, most of us know the letters as they are related to the notes, and would have a better understanding of which notes you're talking about if you stick to that.

Artuur Dupont says:

Any double harmonic major out here?

Nick Nix says:

Domo Arigato Senseisan

Venice Vios says:

Your videos always make it a whole lot easier to understand
Thanks man ?

Oskar Ryberg says:

Star Wars

Moki says:

Lesson not clear, dick got stuck in soundhole

Jeffery Johnson says:

This video it's probably one of the best videos I seen on YouTube yet about scales ?????

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