The 5 Pentatonic Scale Shapes – Guitar Lesson

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Check out the full lesson page and download the jam tracks by following the link below:
What Is A Pentatonic Scale? – 00:48
Shape #1 – 02:12
Shape #2 – 05:26
Shape #3 – 07:48
Shape #4 – 10:03
Shape #5 – 11:52
Major vs. Minor – 14:26
Practice – 16:22
Jam Track – 18:50

In this lead guitar lesson, we’ll go over the five pentatonic scale shapes. These shapes are essentially the “Meat & Potatoes” of lead guitar. This is because they sound great over many styles of music, and are relatively easy to start improvising with.

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Peter Osther says:

whats a scale?

Movie Clips says:

Now I feel so.complete after learning this ….you are the saviour ………..this is the only video you need for pentatonics ……..

Rocker Legacy says:

Got a question for pentitonic scale I'm a beginner guitarist and want to ask experts

Keenan G says:

in what situation do you use the different ones. they sound the same to me?? IDK if my ears are Fʻd up tho

Anton Ruiz says:

Very good lesson .Thank you

Kyle Mundy says:

Not everyone plays well, not everyone teaches well. Even fewer can do both. You did a great job with this, I sent my girlfriend here instead of showing her myself.

Oscar Matthews says:

Wait, im confused are all the pentatonic scales in G

Dereck Ortiz says:

So the route note on each scale is a way to connect to the other scale shapes?

Muhivanovic says:

So, the five shapes are for G scale only. How about the other notes? C, D, E, F, A, B

clarknova1 says:


rokrjohnson says:

Fuck! My mind just switches off over this stuff and it pisses me off. I have no idea with it all

ANANG PERTIN 15BCL1054 says:

How do u know finger on 6 string of 3rd fret is G…..what about other fret


Thank You.Great Job.

Nunya Bizness says:

Just a thought: For a beginner, this video is well-made, but very confusing. WHY is the instructor moving all over the fretboard to teach the pentatonic shapes? The individual shapes remain the same regardless of the starting fret. Nor do the shapes have a particular 'key', they're just string patterns.
Adding in the chord shapes just makes it more confusing for the beginner, as the student now presumes a given pentatonic shape should (or can) only be used with a given chord shape in a given key.
Suggestion, keep it simple for beginners. Teach all the pentatonic shapes from the SAME place on the fretboard, to show how the patterns differ from that spot. Say, starting on the 6th string, 5th fret.

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