The biggest classical guitar performance in history of New Zealand

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1.K-pop and K-dramas are not the only medium through which people get to know about Korea. In fact, many first learn about Korea through taekwondo.There’s a young man from the Netherlands who is so into taekwondo that he even delayed his studies to come to Korea for further training.
2.The biggest classical guitar performance in history of New Zealand was recently organized by a guitar ensemble composed of Korean expats.Although they share different language and culture, the performers and the audience were able to become one through music.
3.Morin Khuur is a traditional Mongolian instrument and Biyelgee is a traditional Mongolian dance. They are both registered in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.Now these cultural heritages that represent Mongolia are going beyond their homeland.
4.A country that went through a Civil War in the 1990s that resulted in a massive genocide… Rwanda.And in this country where people still remember the tragedy of their history, a special bakery is bringinope to the local community.
5.A neighborhood bistro located in London, ‘The Petite Coree’ is delighting customers with its unique dishes. meet Chef Park Jae-woo and his special restaurant that’s spreading the taste of Korea.


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