The Cheapest Electric Guitar On Amazon vs my custom Fender. Beginners Should Buy Electric!

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What is the cheapest electric guitar on Amazon (£62) really like? is it playable? How does it compare with a Fender? In the coming months I’ll be exploring what we can do to improve it, adjusting the action, nut and bridge heights, new strings, new pickups and a setup with luthier legend Charlie Chandler! Beginners on a low budget should start on an electric guitar – no question!

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JustinGuitar says:

Please note that re tone controls, seems I have mine wired differently to a standard configuration and so the wiring on this guitar is completely normal. And I might also mention that I hardly use the tone controls on mt strats anyways. I do on my Tele's but not much on other guitars – seem to get the sounds I want my amp tweaking! But apologies if I was misleading, it wasn't intentinial.

motorcop505 says:

As someone who isn’t a pro, I loved the cheap one!

Dagaan Galakticos says:

I noticed that when he first started playing the new guitar, he smashed the pick down too hard distorting the sound of the strings. I always tend to do this when trying out a new guitar – it's almost like contempt – so you think you can sound as good as the better guitars I've played eh? Take that! And that! Hmmmm, strings didn't fall off . . . not too shabby! I wonder if other players do this too.


My missus likes a big thick cricket bat type feeling but she settles with what i have.

5150 Logan says:

Looks a bit wonky mate!


igor svakurac says:

Beggining with acoustic guitar had sense 20+ years ago. Because, hands down, if you learned acoustic you will with HIGH probability be better player overall. And electric will be such a joy, I remember when I took first time electric guitar after like two years of playing, the first thing that comes on your mind is "damn, Im GOOD!"
you surprise yourself in a sense, just because its so much easier to get clear tones etc

However, for those new sissy generations, that are alongside being sissy also fast, without any patience or will, it hands down better to take electric one first.

Matt Foster UK says:

I think the telling moment in this video is at 14:06 when you start smiling whilst playing your Fender and are more engaged than with the cheapo . But yeh, for the money the cheaper guitars these days are great for beginners and more than enough to get you going. A point you get across well 😉

mwothe says:

20:21 I think it's your facial expression that's raising the pitch. LOL

Cloud Busta says:

Really cool review
Non snobbery is refreshing.

Princeman says:

Justin when are you going to review some accordions?

Michael Pogzeba says:

Hahahaha, when switching through the options there was very little difference. Sounds like a good candidate for total upgrade, particularly PUPs and electronics. Yeah, massive difference. Your franken-strat sounds killer.

HereIgoAgain says:

Great Review. Thank god for cheap guitars. When my little bundle of terror and joy expressed an interest in music, my first thought was there goes my retirement. Life got better when he said "electric guitar please." So cheap to get started! Downside: the optimal number of guitars is one more!

dave m says:

Sorry, I really don’t like blues..

Brad Pittiful says:

great beginners advice man!

הסטיב says:

Are you jewish?

lar har says:

heyyyy, norm mac donald strums guitar

Baji Mantis says:

nice job but what is wrong with a maple neck ??

Peter Vautier says:

I think the problem with cheap guitars (I haven't got an expensive one) is consistency. Some might play well, others might be awful. So it's a bit of a lottery when you click 'buy' on Amazon. I bought a nice Korean Epiphone on Ebay once, and when I got it I kinda regretted it, because I didn't like the feel of it. So I wouldn't buy a guitar online just like I wouldn't buy shoes online.

Charles Duckett Jr. says:

If you are a pro or good player you should change out the strings right away to what you intend to use, then check and set the nut height, relief, string action and intonation before even playing a note on any newly-purchased guitar. You are not going to have much of a clue as to the playability and quality of the instrument until those things are done. This is true for a $50 guitar or a $15,000 guitar. Taking it out of the box and "trying" it without preparation is a waste of your time.

fnersch says:

Compare with a new strat right out of the box (un set up). Modern technology can provide serviceable instruments at a low cost.

Therealsword15309 It's me says:

Hey where can you get this guitar

Chris Blackwell says:

That Amazon Strat looks and sounds Leagues ahead of the burswood Strat I had which was my own first guitar, that burswood Strat was awful for me to learn on lol. The very first guitar I messed about on was a Epiphone Les Paul that I was lent. Never really took a liking to the Les Paul. I love my 2011 Mexican Fender Stratocaster, the only mod it's had was tonerider surfari 50's pickups and it plays and sounds great, I'd never part with it. Also really enjoy my Epiphone ES339 too. Can't remember the exact year I started playing but I'm estimating I've been playing around 15 years now and still love it to this day. It's great being able to record yourself and listen it back and think "wow, that's me playing" ?

Martien Abrahamse says:

i didnt even get a gigbag with my 500 euro guitar

Joey Ferris says:

No link to purchase the guitar?

Danial Howe says:

anyone ever tell you you look like a young norm macdonald? lol

Silver Jag says:

Kids today have it so easy. When I was learning to play back in the early 60's I had to practice barefoot in the snow and it was uphill both ways….. Who else started on a Teisco Del Rey and the only strings available at the crappy local music store were Black Diamond .013–.056 jazz strings. Action 3/8" off the fingerboard because the truss rod was already maxed out and impossible to intonate because the fret geometry was not accurate. Ah, the good ol' days.

Inge Roar Skoglund says:

If a beginner survive that 62pounder, he problaby be a guitarist

mark heyne says:

I cant play an acoustic, the fretboard is just too big and wide! I agree with you, a beginner should begin with a cheap electric. [ and some theory lessons! ] Lots on Facebook Marketplace for less than you paid for that one. For example, I picked up a perfectly decent 'Fortissimo' strat-style guitar for 30 pounds recently, and there are lots for less than 50.

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