The Coolest Sounding Scale

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E.O.A says:

Man I need to get a better guitar ?…the tone is beautiful .

fenderstratocaster says:

That is one EVIL sounding scale… ?

Ionize to darken says:

Scale is cool and is going to regnonize in many music tracks.

Heather Castrillo says:

Mixolygian is my fave

wayne brown says:

AS a 45 year old beginner with about 6 months how much music theory should I know and where do I start.

Dexta1221 says:

Nah Taylor Swift and Madonna are the best scales

Isaak Vedalt says:

You make it look so easy dude

Josiah Gennell says:

What key are those licks in at the end?

ghassen hamden says:

yngwie malmsteen like this 😀 😀

Vlad Gorbunov says:

That's fricken BADASS!!!

john lloyd balantac says:

Put it to Antartica, then it will be cool?

Justinium Chronicles says:

That scale sounds a little Spanish

Bstormy Weathers says:

Very entertaining!

OfficialTechGamer says:

Bm and F#7 sound pretty neat with harmonic minor

hyper biscuit says:


Michael Snyder says:

Tyler the music you create is all inspiring! I always find myself going back to your Channel, even with old videos to find myself some new inspiration. Thank you! ( hope you read this)

Toni'o says:

The Hungarian Dorian (I'm pretty sure its the 4th mode of the harmonic minor, I could be wrong), but it just sounds so sexy. That flat 5th and major 6th over a minor chords is just… so cool. #MartyFriedman

Aaron Judge says:

He looks like the change my mind guy

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