The Dance – Garth Brooks (Beginner Guitar Lesson)

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One of the greatest songs ever recorded “The Dance” by Garth Brooks uses 4 chords throughout the entire song.
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God bless!

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Michael Shelby says:

Great video, thanks from Weatherford Texas!

Master Anspachdj says:

Can you play never wanted nothing more bye Kenny Chesney

Spencer Fisher says:

Could you please do a lesson of Barrett baber version of " I'd love to lay you down " Thanks and merry Christmas!

Jacob Bennett says:

Love the video and this song but I'm having issues with catching how many beats I play each cord. I'm trying to write it down and you play but I'm struggling lol

Christine Shultz says:

I like your teaching personality. Could you spend a bit more time on the chords and maybe an up close of the fret as you make them. Even for a beginner with a few months practice under their belt some of these are new chords but I'd love to understand them in more detail and slower. Hopefully that makes sense. Think you could do Father Along by Brad Paisley? Love that school but I haven't found a good tutorial yet.

Seth Tedford says:

You think you could type out the pattern you're doing? I'm no good at looking. Lol. Thanks.

Beautiful Brown Eyes says:

For the whole refrain I got confused on the notes, could anyone help by telling me the notes and the number of times they are strung please? ;~;

John Bowers says:

You only use those three chords for every song

Paul Crawley says:

awesome video .any chance u can learn Song of good hope by glen hansard.

hardluck 1995 says:

Garth cries too much to be the MAN

Matthew Bowen says:

I am gettin no sound on any of your vids

RezigreneFB says:

when you watch someone playing guitar the first thing you think is "wow it's amazing how he knows the chords and changes so well" but then when you start learning you realise that the hardest part is actually the part you thought looked easiest, the strumming.

Will Rankin says:

Hey Matt, absolutely love your teaching methods. God gives people special talents and for you my friend is that you can play and also pass what you know onto others……… NOW here's something I'd like to request. Chris ledouxs song seventeen. I bet a lot of people would love to here song ledoux. Songs

Andrew Hoffman says:

Hey Matt can't tell you how much you've helped me out brother. This is one of my favorite songs. By chance do you know of an easy way to play Friends in Low Places. Gonna be playing my first gig at a local country bar and I can't not play it. Thanks again buddy God bless.

HippySurf1970 says:

Matt, I love the video's please keep em' coming. Quick question though…when finger picking could you let me know which ones your picking? I can't tell if it's the 6th and 1st string or 6th and 2nd. Thanks bro, and God bless.

Captain Teemo says:

I was named after the song… My name is Chance.

KatieLee1992 says:

This is a great tutorial! This song means a lot to me… dad passed away last year in April and this was supposed to be our song for our Father Daughter dance at my wedding.

jase davids says:

very good this will be my second song I'll learn and you have taught me both first was you should be here still needs work but go check it out matt thanks God bless

Robert bUTTON says:

awesome job…..would love to see you do a video on how to play "Keeper of the stars" One of my all time favorites

Robert Valdez says:

is there a way to play the intro part on guitar…? I know the record uses a piano but I'd like to learn it on guitar if possible

Adam D says:

Thanks for the video!

Andrew Hall says:

Thanks, my wife took me to a Garth Brooks concert and I wanted to learn her favorite song. This was step by step instruction with great attitude and tips. Like you said, I hope you have a great day and God Bless you.

Heather Davies says:

Beautiful lesson thanks so much

Ben Andersson says:

I would play B minor instead of E minor in the chorus.

J G says:

Matt I really enjoyed this. New sub and kinda newbie at guitar:)

Shawn Beaudoin says:

hi Matt my name is Shawn and I love playing my guitar would you know the chords for someday Alan Jackson.I,m practicing that song now but need some help on it thank you very much.

Lonnie Christopher says:

Nicely done…and I've said to myself the same thing- that it's perhaps the greatest song ever written…..those really heart- felt, true to life songs-  are the greatest, bar none….if you can get a HINT of guitar in the background, and have the vocals stand out…..that's what the audience rivets on anyway….that story- line is overpowering…

Nicole Adame says:

This i a really good tutorial! Really helped me!

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