The Guide To String Gauges!

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Today we go over where to start for string gauges for popular tunings for guitar and bass!

String Gauge Guide:




chicfilla The Amazing HD says:

I use hybrid slinky (9-46) on a strat scale length for drop C… weird

Strings & Rad Things says:

Thanks for the video! This really helped me out ??

Aaron Sandifer says:

Ive been playing for like 10 years now and never new anything about strings and their prefered tunings, I always change my tuning on my guitar alot too. Explains alot.

Zack Henderson says:

What strings are good to go to drop B every now and then to play a song then go back to standard E

tito9107 says:

What about for 7-string guitars? WE EXIST!!!

IR1 FPV says:

Im used to use 11-52 for E standard sometimes..because i just lazy to change strings

95TurboSol says:

I always use Elixer but I never hear of anyone else using them. I rarely change my strings and they seem to last forever and still sound good. Btw, I have been using ultralights in drop B, bad idea.

Dylan Kronenberg says:

What scale would a Jackson be?

Tommy Gunn says:

What about Eb or D standard on a Jackson V?

PhantomikeBlue says:

Does James Hetfield use 11s like this package? 5:37

logan wright says:

daddario nyxl 11-56 on my les paul tuned from Eb – drop A. sounds great with little to no mud sound until you start hitting g#/g.

J A says:

Go to a 62 trust me like bring the pain

Andrew Teller says:

I use 80-80-40-40 on my bass, Ernie ball sells them separately on their site so it isn't hard or expensive to get such a weird set. I also hate having anything thicker than 10s on guitar, but I love 50+ on the low E.

Jack Marshall says:

At the moment i am having issues getting my Heavy Bottom 10-52 strings to fit into my PRS Tremonti Guitar, Got any advice to try and get them to fit without me needing to adjust the truss rod?

Brendan Richko says:

For bass I use power slinkies but that’s a bit too heavy for standard tuning. I wanna get normal slinkies for this. My question is if I get 50-105 can I hit C# Standard?

A List AJ says:

I use 10 46 on my Ibanez in E standard, and I use 12 – 52 on my jackson for drop B, C# standard and sometimes D# standard. Should I get 12 – 56?

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