The Reason I Keep Getting Kicked Out of Guitar Center…

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Testing out some gear at Guitar Center


mrhoffame says:

Amazing the number of negative comments here.  It's just a another guy who like playing a guitar and likes music.  Why does it have to be so much more than that to simply check out a video?  Not like he was talking shit to anyone.

King Hulk says:

What guitar is that?not a Kramer.

Unmasked Pain says:

If guitar center kicks u out they minds well close down and say nobody's good enough to come in lol.. Great playing man!

Random Guy says:

I don't know why they'd kick you out. I'd come in just to hear you play. I would think knowing a guitar could sound that great would be a major selling point.

Averyzalia Sylvia says:

Volume..lower it down dickhead you are not the only one who have ears

AimBotRan says:

Wow man your killin it

Jeff Arab says:

Awesome superb

Alex The Bassist says:

Yeah he has good skills but please turn down. Like honestly we’re all here to try out things and buy things but we can’t when your shredding for 20 minutes straight

Matty Gang says:

Nice vid.Wish I could shred like you

Seth Hamilton says:

And ur just shredding random shred. shredding great. But it becomes to much add some softness in there somewhere. Love up on the audience a lil some times dont just fucking blow their minds for 10 mins. it gets boring.

James Althoff says:

So pleasant to listen to him play


This would be a break from all of the "smoke on the water" and "smells like teen Spirit" you usually get at guitar center

And God forbid the kid who thinks he can play eruption and butchers it

LycanTroop 3 says:

So, you're one of those loud dickheads?

anthony5reece says:

One of the most down to earth guys I know. He also plays great and obviously knows how to get views on YouTube! Winners focus on goals, you haters only focus on winners.

Steve-O54 says:

Fuck you're good!

William Barabanitz says:

Don't recognize the headstock or logo – what brand is the guitar?

jim lennon says:

Pretty damn good if you ask me….You either have it or you don't and he has it.

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