The Ultimate Acoustic String Comparison – Extra Light vs Custom Light vs Light vs Medium

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This video is about The Ultimate Acoustic String Comparison – One guitar 4 guages of strings. We compare Extra Light vs Custom Light vs Light vs Medium strings.

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RetxirtJay says:

What's better? light or medium? pls answer.


Is it just me or does he look like Ashton Kutcher?

Matthew Combs says:

I'm a medium guy. I cant stand floppy strings. I think the custom lights sound the most round, I just cant play them

a seek says:

what ddario custom light it is?

JodoxDojo says:

4:17 the custom light sound best
But then on 4:51 with the same chord, the extra light sound best ?

you tube says:

Custom light, Light, Extra light, and Medium. W.H Percival.

Cheers says:

So Tony, what did you think???? In comparison to feel and tone, what would you prefer? I know the extra lights are real easy to play on and they seem to ring. Some feedback please!

scottymac713 says:

Custom light by far!

Thomas Spencer says:

Extra light goin on my guitar next week.. The sound, resonance, and carry sounded great

Westin Vines says:

I think this might depend on what style of acoustic/genre you are playing… the mediums have a much more warm and mellow sound while the lighter strings had a brighter tone and were great for the picking and the lead parts… just my opinion. I’d prefer lighter strings for whatever i’m playing still. Do a comparison of phosphor bronze and 80/20 strings!

Mac Anoodough says:

I prefered the sound of the Custom Light,; or I should say I heard little difference from there on and what difference there was was not necessarily preferable.

Methane says:

Trough some trial and error I found out myself that extra light strings are easier to press and bend because I was into a lot of bending.

Akemi Charmaigne says:

extra light I think.. for fingerstyle and noob like me I guess.. ^.^ and I like the sound most..

Sanjeet Gaonkar says:

I think the real fun with mediums is when you drop tune it. Maybe going down till drop C, it can hold the low tunings well and sound great

Jordan Sage says:

Medium sound clunky and dull. Surprising. Interested in trying out lighter gauges on my electric now.

Bgtip says:

extra light has nice pop to them

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