The Ultimate BUDGET Guitar! – Low Cost Upgrades That Make a HUGE Difference!

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Today I pick three Low cost / high return mods to vastly improve my $100 budget guitar!
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N J G says:

What is your blue guitar in the background? Love it!

John J says:

The Obsidian upgrade will NOT fit/line up with the knob holes in the Indio pickguard, so keeping the stock Indio pickguard for an Obsidian upgrade is not the best idea. Your best bet is purchasing a Fender pickguard. It's MUCH more difficult to try and re-drill the stock pickguard to get the Obsidian knobs to fit properly. You'll need to route out the area of the Fender pickguard that is near the neck (with a Dremel, as shown in this video), otherwise it won't fit properly. Additionally, you'll need to drill some extra screw holes (this is easy) once you line up one or two of the screw holes in the pickguard with the existing screw holes on the Indio guitar body. I've also found problems with the nicer Fender "American" trem blocks (which only cost about $25 on Amazon) – the whammy bar holes are often drilled incorrectly. No real way to fix this other than to send the trem block back for a new one. Locking tuners are definitely a big thumbs-up upgrade for the Indio. It's a pretty nice guitar for the $$ otherwise.

J Menth says:

Just got back into guitar and I'm super on a budget, I got kids now so I am upgrading my old hamer slammr. Those obsidian electronics are really nice BUT a good terminal box will act the same. Little life hack for possible future budget build.

Nick Rose says:

Nice Vid.  But the take away here is… don't buy a cheap guitar for 100 bucks.  Then do 110 dollars in mods.  Buy a used Mexican strat for 275 instead.

820hurleyj says:

Love to see a stage 3 mod where the guy's got a new job and saves up for some quality goodies. Good whammy bar and new pickups with humbucker on the bridge.

wizardwithguns1 says:

Upgraded version has less hum and sounds very slightly better IMO. I don’t like that flat fretboard though, and that’s the deal breaker.

BertyFromDK says:

Great job, Darrell!

E. Male says:

God just buy a proper guiter. I can't watch this it's horrible and a waste of money.

blablablabe says:

Hi Darling I watched your video, I can tell you I like it. A few weeks ago, I bought a Yamaha Pacifica 112v guitar for € 120. the guitar was delighted with the quality of the sound and the quality. I would suggest that you make a video on this subject, Yamaha plays better than Indio, I'm sure it's even cheaper.

Matthew Otremba says:

just keep an eye on craigs list , and get a nice strat build from someone "thinning the herd"
got one with a charvel san dimas neck , ebony , a maple unknown sunburst body ,SSS , all works ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
140 clams , yeah baby

Matthew Otremba says:

Two pieces of wood bolted together can be magical , or , crap , or , anywhere in between
If the piece feels good , and your going to that particular guitar ? Can't put it down ? Put the best on it .

Frederick Williams says:

nice video you need to solder over a protective cover,

Soloman 5k says:

Wish you're from around here so I could let you tune up my cheap guitar. You did great and got proper knowledge of the guitar and its functions, i mean great

William Sessions says:

Where did you get your T-shirt??

chenks54 says:

Awesome! …

Shatter Spirit says:

Just bought a new fender Mexican for 20.99 on eBay

Douglas Taylor says:

That blue looks so good on camera.

RP T says:

The stock pickups sounded better. The upgraded pickups sound muddy. And take a dremel sanding wheel and round out that beak claw headstock.

Candy Laria says:

Unjustified mod ?

Mike Baker says:

Cool. This stuff is always fun. I would have done something to that ugly headstock, but otherwise, nice mods.

Mobifire says:

lol but for $200 you could get a true fender lol this was cool though

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