The Ultimate Guitar Battle – Air Knob

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4 hands no guitar! The World Wide Short Film Festival in Toronto was one of the first festivals to screen Air Knob. This festival, an OSCAR qualifier, really showcased this film, which went on to receive a number of awards but we’re pretty sure the Academy Awards does not give awards to movies about guys who play imaginary guitars with their…well, watch the movie and you’ll see 😉

Chicks dig guys with “guitars” but it’s how you play it that counts! You won’t believe what these guys do to win the affection of the street’s hot girl with an ending you will never forget. n an air guitar war there are only LOSERS! @AirKnob

Who would you like to see in a guitar battle Satriani ? Malmsteen ? Clapton ? Vai ? Van Halen ? Clapton ? Hammett ? Hetfield ? Imagine if we rolled up the worst features in all of them and set them against each other! I give you Air Knob. An air guitar war like no other! Remember the movie Crossroads with Steve Vai and Ralph Macchio dueling at the end? This is a similar battle but with killer guitar, killer technique and a playing style like you’ve never seen before (trust me, it happens near the end)

Imagine this as a Superbowl ad 2013 XLVII for a guitar company! “Now buy the real thing!” A few companies have actually asked me to work on their ads so this movie has been sort of a calling card.

Two neighbors, one a quiet, would be folk guitarist, the other a brash wannabe headbanger, vie for air guitar supremacy in a take no prisoner battle in a sleepy suburban neighbourhood.

When it came time to write and direct my next film I wanted to combine my two loves. Filmmaking and guitar. What bothers me about air guitar movies and videos is the fact that their hand movements represent how they feel, not how the riff is played. I aimed to change that with Air Knob.

It took me a few months to work out the story and to pre-record the music and since I was playing the guitar parts in the recording sessions it became clear to me that I should play both guitar players. I have always loved acting but do not consider myself an actor. This gave me an opportunity to get that out of my system.

Tim Dashwood is an accomplished cinematographer and luckily, a friend, who showed up on one lazy day in May in East Hamilton Ontario Canada. This was also a chance for him to put his HD200, HZ-CA13U and a Russian Kinor 10-100 zoom to use.

It took about one month to complete the edit and by August of 2009, it was picked up by OUAT MEDIA for distribution which sold it to Movieola, Movie Central, Sundance Channel Canada, Air Canada and a few more. In addition to broadcast Air Knob enjoyed a 2:1 selection ration on the festival circuit including the Worldwide Short Film Festival, Hawaii International Film Festival, Park City Film Music Festival and won awards at many more.


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