The Ultimate Guitar Practice Session w/ Backing Track

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Backing Track:

Circle of 5ths Video:

Chords Scale Video:

Relative Minor Video:

Going over a good way to spend your time practicing guitar in a musical way. You’ll end up testing your knowledge of chords, keys and lead playing in one endless and fun-filled exercise.

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Sean Daniel is a man. A man of simple needs and desires. And the one desire, no, the one NEED, that stands above all is to spread the challenges, joy and intellectual stimulus of music to people of Earth and beyond.
Born on the mean streets of upper middle class suburban Chicago, Sean learned the ways of the world through the dizzying heights of success to the lonesome depths of failure and emerged with the promise of a better tomorrow reflecting in his eyes and fiery passion in his belly.
He plays and teaches guitar on his YouTube channel where he regularly releases original music and projects to the adulation of legions of fans, who often compare him to Chris Pratt and one time Ryan Reynolds. He’s currently in the market for a nice leather jacket.


Kevin Hoover says:

Nice, brisk instruction. I like the jokey shows but this is truly refreshing.


Thank you Sean!!! I've been learning so much with your videos. Great job! Bravo

Sparsh Tyagi says:

This is SO informative. Thanks a lot. I've been meaning to up my guitar ante and this seems like THE practice to get there! Your hot voise is definitely a cherry on top :p

Michael says:

As far as I know , there's no such thing as a "minor 7 flat 5 " , in the entire universe !

Leogem says:

Wow, this is a really good lesson. Thanks for posting !

Which size picks would you recommend for both strumming rhythm and picking leads???? I really like a 2.0 for leads, but find it too thick to strum with.

Tommy Ashworth says:

I learned the entire language of Spanish in 4 years easier than it will be to master guitar in 4 years. I'm about two years in, and this video makes sense, but I'm a long way from being able to just come up with the stuff you do instantly. Which blows because I want to be as great of a musician as I possibly can be. This is literally more difficult than learning another language.

Fredrik Åkerlund says:

Just need to train my fingers for those (for me unknown) chords first.

weston smith says:

SEAN ? Were U Nervous making This Video ? How come U were Talking So FAST ? West (a Older Student) ??????

Matthew Penney says:

hey Sean this is a really great way to practice and familiarize yourself with scale practice, arpeggios, whatever…great concept running through the keys that way. thank u for the layout


Bogdan Sebastian says:

amazing video, exactly what I was looking for, thanks a lot man!

David Baldwin says:

Great suggestions for practice! You probably said this but didn't show it, when playing the chord scales you could show basic voicing for each chord too. Just seeing the voicing you used helped me. Thanks.

Frankie Campos says:

Did you drink a case of red bull before this video?

Tom Spallone says:

I had to re-watch this. I think this lesson can be VERY powerful if REALLY submerged into. I'm going to do it. But first, I'm going to play through the entire cycle multiple times playing rhythm guitar and perhaps using different fingers for the chords. Then, solo using chord tones (arpeggios), then major scale, then major pentatonic (in each position, then using the neverlost system), then minor scale, then minor pentatonic (in each position, then using the neverlost system). And THEN………… and perhaps this is a super advanced addition to this very video you might consider, using the various modes over these changes. But, I get ahead of myself. Thanks Sean. Excellent!

Jake Howard says:

a outstanding lesson in gentlemanly discourse

andrew halcomb says:

Hey Sean, would you consider grouping up a playlist specifically for Beginner Guitarists from your material? I know you cover a lot of ideas in your videos and as a casual player who loves your channel I would really appreciate the easiest ways to understand the theory you so regularly drop! Thanks!

Tom Spallone says:

Ive actually been meaning to do this. I think if a person gets comfortable with this whole concept, things open up.

downhill2400 says:

This is going to be both educational and fun! I will definitely include this in my program!! Thanks for the great tips Sean! Shared on my Google+ page too.

Yomi Daniels says:

ooh why is learning guitar so hard, how am i suppose to put all this in my head and by the way you look like the Hollywood actor, sorry I can't remember his name but am sure people must have told u b4


Very impressive practice lesson. Thanks for sharing your ideas young man.

Melissa W says:

Thank you for another amazing lesson Sean!

noize21 says:

I am realy confused why you have to count down 3 frets for the minor scale. If I look at the charts of e.g. C Major and C Minor, the later one is moved 3 frets UP :/

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