Three Must-Know Blues Scales

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garrett holden says:

that altered dominate scale gives me the the "out of place" sound XD
thanks for the video im still learning a lot!

Hannah Ola says:

this is useless vid about learning blues

Adam Mehl says:

No Walk thru?? what a duwsh bag just wanted to show off

Scherbenjongleur says:

never heard of the altered dominant scale.. but it seems to be a mode of the melodic minor, isn't it?

orlando elliott says:

generally when you make tutorial videos you show how to do them. good playing but shit teaching

LA L says:

can anyone help me, the minor pentatonic is the A minor pentatonic?, or its always the same positions depending the key, ?, did I make my self clear?

Uzair Sipra says:

when it came to 1:08 my mouth was all the way opened side by side 😀 ❤️???❤️

Desdorian says:

the major pentatonic scale always reminds me of kung fu panda lmao

Manny War Awakening to The Spirit says:

I got a real serious question for you guys. I’ve been looking for an answer but so far I’m stumped, I have been playing blues guitar for a few years now but was never really any good at it. I’ve always been a lead vocalist, and wouldn’t play onstage. I’d mess around on acoustic at home writing songs, and am fluent in rhythm but not lead. So thus one night I’m playing and all of a sudden best way I can describe it is that it felt like time stopped and something I could not see hit me in the solar plexus, at that moment, it felt as if thrrr was no more me and the guitar, it was just one ball of concentrated musical power, also there was something very sexual, to the feeling I got as I wailed on my stratocaster, to thr point that it was nearly orgasmic. It’s the Craziest thing that’s ever happened to me while making music . and I’ve been gigging regularly In a rock band for 15 years. Also when I play I get a magnetic tugging sensation coming from what seems to be the guitar itself and my body. It pulled me so hard once I almost fell over. I thought at first it was a spirit pulling on me as my house is very active but I’m starting to believe it’s something else.i have been looking online to see if at least one person has reported having a similar thing happen to them but have found nothing. It has me at a loss. I was never able to play lead, at all to save my life. But I never gave it much effort really, but to go from one minute not knowing any scales or even being able to use my pinkie finger to the next being able to see the notes in in my minds eye and have speed like Stevie Ray , was amazing, and doesn’t seem normal. I guess I should Just accept it and let it go but I’m very curious to know if this has happened to anyone else.

Aaron Forbes says:

That wasn’t helpful for me, glad you can play, but… if we must know, maybe teach?

Robert Tomkinson says:

I didn't learn anything.

Knazmuel Hossain says:

That's one of the nicest looking PRS guitars out there. Absolutely stunning. I think I've probably seen Mikael Akerfeldt play one of these during the Ghost Reveries album era before he got his own signature PRS.

Mike T. says:

Sure it's all down to personal taste but for me, the sound of The Blues deteriorated as scales were added. At the end I went back to the minor pentatonic solo and was my fave by far. I can see where you expert guys get bored with minor pent but I'll never get to that stage plus I'm more into the stuff that Albert King plays.

Mage Magic says:

Yo, can anyone answer my question…

I am new to scales and he said something like this is the root scale which I understand. But how to do you play that scale on other areas of the fretboard. Is there a rule? Or is it like random? Thanks to whoever answers this!

Austin Skeen says:

Why is no one understanding the point of the altered dominant? Learn it so you can use PARTS of it inbetween the other scales. It gives you a more rounded blues sound

Patriotic Hooligan says:

Best scale lesson ever bro……you put me on a new path

websi baer says:

not well explaimed .. i exercised the scale at the 3 fred as shown .. but you dont show or explain how to jump … this is insuffizient ..

Buyanaa says:

Basically that dominant scale sounds like when you want to try experimenting with differents notes other than the pentatonic scale.

vivek rana says:

Nd i understand no fucking thing shit it means im ignorant

stdfreesteve says:

Does this also work on drums?

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