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How to Verify Your Fret-board

You can test it with a pencil and a business card.

This video is about the exactness of the A.G.s new generation fret board
compared to the obsolete and inaccurate division used till now by every other guitar maker in Spain.

This problem about the inherent inaccuracies on the fret division used by all guitar makers in Spain from last century till now has been carefully and conveniently avoided issue to talk about because it is difficult to face…

Next you can see a sample of the exclusive A.G. exact measurement division
for each fret (which no other Spanish guitar has)

Enter Scale length in mm 650

Distance From Previous Fret New Scale Length Distance from Nut

Fret 1 36.48201156

Fret 2 34.43441591

Fret 3 32.50174398

Fret 4 30.67754552

Fret 5 28.95573233

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Reagrding Playability

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