Top 10 Easiest Guitar Riffs!

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We count down the top ten EASIEST most simplest guitar riffs EVER! I also demonstrate just how easy they really are!
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1989 says:

El del inicio ya lo toca mal JJAJAJSJAJAJ

Liam Black says:

Deftones – pink maggit

Sandpit Turtle says:

Stevie T: This riff is so easy. It is only open strings.
Core: Hold my beer…

Lumajo Official says:

You are so stupid. Yes, they are easy But it's most famous than you. Sorry for my english.

teryus De Anda says:

Weeeeeelll there's any Static X song. Those are pretty easy. Linchpin by Fear Factory. The list goes on and on, good songs though

Blood Shot says:

Fuckin lost it when he had the nails?

Joe Rotolo says:

The long nail challenge needs to become a thing

World War II Reenactor says:

The Rolling Stones Dominate every other band!! They set the stage for the other bands! Keith is about 75! Still dancing around and playing as always!

ElHombreDeNegro says:

My first riff was Seven Nation Army

ADTRFTW7 says:

"The Fallen" by Mushroomhead

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