Top 10 Guitar Hero Songs

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Remember! These 10 songs arent the hardest songs (some of them are hard) but these songs are supposed to be the top 10 songs that you remember from all the guitar hero games.\r
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10. Dragonforce – Fury Of The Storm : Guitar Hero Warriors of the rock\r
9. Motörhead – Ace of Spades : Guitar Hero 1\r
8. Eric Johnson – Cliffs of Dover : Guitar Hero 3\r
7. Van Halen – Eruption : Guitar Hero Van Halen\r
6. Metallica – One : GH3/Metallica\r
5. Eagles – Hotel California : Guitar Hero World Tour\r
4. Foghat – Slowride : Guitar Hero 3\r
3. The Devil Went Down To Georgia : GH 3 Final Battle\r
2. Buckethead – Jordan : Guitar Hero 2 / GH2\r
1. Dragonforce – Through the Fire and the Flames : Guitar Hero 3\r
-All of these songs were played with expert and fc:d ( 100% )\r
Thanks to UKOGMonkey and GuitarHeroPhenom & some other people for the sick gameplay! (Other gameplayers are in the left corner of this video)


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