Top 5 Guitar Center Hacks

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We know you can’t always shop at a local store so here are Jonathan’s 5 hacks for shopping at a big box store like Guitar Center!

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Casino Guitars says:

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James Hughes says:

I've bought guitars from them and an amp. I have nothing bad to say, they gave me a great deal & a free guitar gig bag. They set the guitar up for me at no charge & the guy doing the setup was great & knew his stuff.

MrPorter7 says:

GC in my town 1) workers there are local musicians who think they're "professional" musicians.  2) WILL NOT DEAL-EVER!  3) they   don't   care.  4) get a set up on a new guitar, yeah! (one minute later) Here ya go!  I try out amps there and order online.  Sent to my house, no tax, no shipping, at my door.

Jake ONeill says:

Nashville GC is on point!!!!

mike s says:

A while back I was in GC and saw some guy bring in some pedals, I walked over while the employee was testing them and said something about the reverb he was testing and he ended up telling me they'd give the guy $60 for it and told me I could ask him about buying it if I wanted so of course I did and the guy ended up selling it to me for $60. It was pretty awesome though I doubt it'd happen again, I think the employee really just didn't give a crap about it.

Barney Fike says:

I’ve been in 3 GC's and haven’t had any problems whatsoever. I’m friends with some of the guys. Good friends with the manager here in town. I’ve taken breakfast biscuits for them on a Saturday. We’ve bought some fantastic deals and they’ve always been fair. I support them as we aren’t blessed with much here unless you play in a HS Marching Band. I guess I can make picks out of clarinet reeds.

Jp Paulsen says:

The ONLY hack there is: shopping somewhere else! ?

Pedro Soares says:

Why do you guys make a video that makes you look sometimes bad compared to guitar center? Are you owned by guitar center?

I don't even know GC, I'm from Portugal but this video is strange coming from a competitor

Rick Burton says:

Took in a guitar to sell. Perfect shape. They declined buying it only after they learned I disconnected the tone pot. I asked how much to just reconnect it so I could get rid of it right then and there, the idiot " so called " tech had no clue how to do it and wanted to charge me at least 50.00 while he figured it out. I told them fuck off and got 100.00 more than they were gonna give me. A tone control is not rocket science to wire.

john white says:

I love going to the Guitar Center in Va. Beach Va. (I'm like a kid in a candy store). I started trying to learn at an older age (Now 55) but I have bought several guitars and other items.
The people working there are always polite well informed and easy to talk to.

Edgar Patlan says:

Return policy is the number one reason for me. I can take something home and put it through its paces before deciding it’d something I want

AudreyDurden says:

guitar center is totally a playground!


Big up from the UK man. Raise a glass to Dick Dale today. Nice one buddy.

Thomas Blues Guitar says:

Guitar Center in Hollywood, imo is the only one I’ve been to that’s not a pain in the buttocks! Actually great!
And GC LA? That’s funny!

Tracy Howard says:

Is their a point? Whew, did you just get out of some place where you weren't allowed to talk. Shut up and shave…

Alec Zugcic says:

I wish I had a guitar center on the big island in Hawaii

WickedSharp 001 says:

I stopped in last week. Got any Gibson flying vs? NOPE. Got any of the new Charvels? NOPE. Any teles? One over here. Any of the EVH guitars? NOPE. I went in wanting to check out one of these 4 guitars and they didn't have the stock.
Never going to GC EVER AGAIN. I still go to my local NSTUFF MUSIC and they have all of the above.

CowTownCustoms says:

I go to the Guitar Center in Columbus,OH and they have some good guys that have been there for a long time. Good and honest to people. I hear them in sales pitches to parents whose kid wants a new guitar and they are honest and good at customer retention. They know that kid will keep playing a decent guitar and trade it in on a better one soon enough. They helped me on a couple factory warranty claims and one was on a guitar I bought from them 10 years ago but had a lifetime factory warranty. It depends on a good manager hiring the right people!

Kevin Still says:

Wish I were closer to you guys. I like your videos and you seem like good guys to do business with. Although I like Guitar Center for some things, I also like the feel of a smaller shop where I walk in and feel like I have never left home. Oh well. Can't have everything.

CJ says:

Jeff's comment below about GC selling floor models for full price is absolutely correct;  if they are selling one off the floor, it's indisputably a used instrument and should be discounted for all the reasons Jeff mentioned. Otherwise,  they're selling you a used guitar for full price. I recently saw a high end, Tele Elite in 2019, with a 2017 serial number, for which they were asking full price — a knob was missing and there were scratches in  the finish. Who knows how long it was kicking around. Outrageous.

MMB 1215 says:

I understand that some people may only have guitar center. However, that doesn’t negate the fact that the reason it’s all they have in the first place is most often because of guitar center itself. It’s the reason 90% of the small towns in my region have no music stores anymore, and the other 10% struggle. They simply couldn’t compete, especially after 2008. Now all we get is this low-tier bullshit. No more days of cool locally owned guitar shops, where the dude knew his shit and could work on anything, or knew a guy who could fix that broken pedal or amp head. Fuck guitar center. Don’t give in to the corporate pressure. Bring back local passion and expertise.

anthony defabees says:

1st off, this dude makes WAY to many weird faces.
2nd, GC can have some really great used gear. From guitars to pedals to amps, key, cabs etc. I love going to them to find great used stuff. Never once bought a new guitar at GC though.

raw dawgit says:

Want to know what you're gonna get on your used gear? 55% of whatever the average selling price for that item is on eBay. Literally filter results for "used" and 'completed sales" and average out the price of the completed sales. Yes, you heard correctly, guitar center literally decides what they are going to give you based on eBay.

Matt Spencer says:

that gretsch is a scene stealer.

Sam Puckett says:

I was in a Guitar Center a few days ago and had a hard time getting waited on so I left. Will shop at a local Sam Ashe next.

Joe Crow says:

Guitar center isn't customer friendly and their staff are uneducated about most stuff ….I'll never shop there again

Frank Bama says:

There's great used gear at GC because everything they sell is used gear. I just stopped in a few days ago and was again appalled at the condition of their "new" gear.

Jim Bradley says:

And I was immediately confused by the way you're promoting guitar center when in fact you sell guitars and could eliminate the need for anyone to ever go to guitar center again if you properly promoted yourself locally and via the Internet..
I rarely walk into a guitar center but I do buy guitars and other equipment.
That said I wish you would have been regular talked me into not whisper talked me into working with casino guitars and telling me why I should…

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