Top Four Qualities I Look For In Electric Guitar Strings

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Top Four Qualities I Look For In Electric Guitar Strings

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Greetings I’m Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars.

I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo.

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Jordan Fipps says:

Strangely enough I can actually hear the ernie ball strings in his tone something about ernie ball always has a clang Hahha they always die on me after a week or two but it's hard to break them daddario breaks after a couple days though ? ghs is my favorite currently they have a great feel and tone especially the 11s and I've only broken one ghs compared to the countless daddario strings and a few ernie balls here and there but the paradigms feel great kind of a tie between boomers and ernie ball right now

Tate Thompson says:

Ernie Ball Slinky's 10's, for life!

Richard Jones says:

Quite expensive aren't they.

Conny Blomqvist says:

Eixir Optiwebb 010-46 or 49 or 52 is fenominal strings. Try them if you havent done it yet.

James Lawlor says:

Elixir elixir elixir

Steven Clairmont says:

I find nanowebs way to slick for my liking. Will they that decrease with play? And if not are d'addarios the same way?

lyrasimo says:

can i have one of your guitar for free ?

darkestfugue says:

i love that guitar, im just reluctant to buy it online

oh8203 says:

Schnauzer inspired beard?

Gerald Johnson says:

String manufacturers with name recognition are producing quality strings. It comes down to personal preference and budget.

Steven Penny says:

You look better with short hair…More polished. Nice video.

jmcsquared says:

Ernie Ball M-Steel strings. For metal, absolutely unbelievable (although they need to make a 7-string version asap).

Exodus fivesixfivesix says:

Come to YouTube to get an idea of what strings to get for my Ibanez s series played in drop d. Every video gives advice for what to look for but no examples. ROB WHAT STRINGS DO YOU USE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They are good but 3 times the price of the Super Slinky's….To Much! I will stick to the S Slinky strings for now.

Artcore103 says:

I tried a set of Paradigms on my last string change, and they were great, but they're not coated so they don't last long enough for me. If they made a coated version that would be awesome and I'd try them again. Until then, NYXL's or Elixer's.

Mr. Whiteside says:

thanks for all the tips Rob!

nige99 says:

Elixirs are the best I tried those EB coated strings but they aren’t as good two weeks went black

Mattermole Zursch says:

My favorite strings, although they cost the earth, will always be rotosound nexus. To start with they are black and gold so instantly badass but yea a really unique tone

giannapple says:

You keep your oily fingers off my babies, sir! (9:33)

petrkrska says:

I use a 10-56 strings at 6 string guitar and its a much durable and it also sounds sharper than a normal thinner size… But you have to push it harder to the fretboard and it makes you slower… Well i use to play at EBGDAE or DAFCGD and sometimes with different tuning but with DAFCGD feels the best because is weaker than in a normal option…

Giggles & Terrors says:

What acoustic strings do you prefer ?

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