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I might have headbanged. Just a little bit!

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Charted by the AMAZING Miscellany. Please sub to him here!

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Here’s the list of every song (With which game the song appears) :
_Megadeth – Symphony of Destruction (GH1)
_Black Label Society – Fire it Up (GH1)
_Pantera – Cowboys From Hell (GH1)
_Ozzy Osbourne – Bark at the Moon (GH1)
_Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name of (GH2)
_Avenged Sevenfold – Beast and the Harlot (GH2)
_Anthrax – Madhouse (GH2)
_Iron Maiden – The Trooper (GH2)
_Metallica – One (GH3)
_Prototype – The Way it Ends (GH3)
_Slayer – Raining Blood (GH3)
_Metallica – Trapped Under Ice (GHWT)
_Bullet for my Valentine – Scream Aim Fire (GHWT)
_Dream Theater – Pull me Under (GHWT)
_Iron Maiden – 2 Minutes to Midnight (GH5)
_Children of Bodom – Done With Everything, Die for Nothing (GH5)
_Anthrax – Indians (GHWoR)
_Pantera – I’m Broken (GHWoR)
_Slipknot – Psychosocial (GHWoR)
_Dethklok – Bloodlines (GHWoR)
_Megadeth – This Day we Fight (GHWoR)

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Cam Black says:

I made it about 3 seconds.

Bray014 says:

5:31 trapped under ice by Metallica is my sickness. I caught it again. Brutal challenge too.

Alex Fay says:

I barely made it through the whole video

Jerome Smith says:

Definitely harder than I thought

Connor Brown says:

He lost in Madhouse

Andrew Hoppe says:

First note and i lose

Duncan Jacobson says:

I lost at one.

HGbriel says:

I can't believe I… made it…

Robin Bontius says:

i had to go to the hospital but i did it…. XD

Mere Skillz says:

He reminds me of ProSyndicate for some reason….

kenaniah kelley says:

I made it through the song

Evilsasquatch 1545 says:

what happen with ninja,where is the fortnite song?

Conner Liepa says:

Dude you need to turn your speech down. You are so loud I have to turn it down so much I can't hear the songs playing

Roger Johnson says:

I do not see the problem here. I´m a true metalfan, but if you really give your mind to it to not headbang it´s not difficult. Easy as f*ck

Miss Chloe Jenkins says:

got to Metallica and I was gone haha.

Dylan Bridges says:

Slipknot got me :/

Landon hughes says:

i headbanged on the first song

Hollow Mind says:

One and scream aim fire got me

Hollow Mind says:

Shrinking in getting smaller again,I'm done-thats what he said

Viktorismyname says:


Aki Tenebricus says:

Anyone else noticed the little monkey noises He made?

Redneck Life says:

headbanged at raining blood smh

Nick Shepley says:

Alright let’s be honest, NO ONE made it through Slayer

Mike G says:

hold up. lemme pause the video and get it out before hand.

kuroshi Gaming says:

I never banged

Umur says:

fake ass ninja

Dmitriy Stepanenko says:

What is the name of the second song?

Alexander Averstål says:

fuuu one with metalica got me T_T

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