Ultimate Guitar Fail Compilation (Funny Videos)

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Ultimate Guitar Fail Compilation (Funny Videos)
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Randy Semenak says:

lets stand on concrete and practice spinning our guitar around without strap locks maybe we can get on u tube

K Day says:


LyleStyle87 says:

0:21 dude looks like a f*cking idiot.

Kevin Schuld says:

😀 this is so funny xD

Fishysteve Plays says:


I love that song!

Metallicaforever22 Yeah says:

5:535:59 Lol, that’s funny for no reason

L U S H I says:

Nothing to worry,i don't have any guitar.

Fugettaboutit says:

The roundhouse guitar sling…….does that ever go well?

Hack To Scratch Golf says:

I already know most of these are gonna be failed guitar flips

Phil sicos says:

A 7:14 sa guitare était déjà cassée! Ça se voit il tient les cordes avec sa main pour maintenir la tête de la guitare et quand il commence à jouer il retire sa main et la tête tombe!! Trop mal fait!! Nul!!!

petegiant says:

3:18 He's "Still Waiting" for that guitar to land 🙂

Mr. Mystery says:

4:05 that’s more of a win than a fail

KS says:

amazing what people will do to get views on YouTube

John Samson says:

its the same joke over and over. jeez!

kevykev38 says:

Why do so many people want to spin their guitars like that

kevykev38 says:

Some of those guitars look expensive

Rockin’ Pixels says:

For anyone else still contemplating trying to swing their guitar around their body. they make these little strap locking pieces that fit on the outside of your strap that keeps your guitar securly connected to the strap. A lot of these guys I guess didn’t know you’re supposed to buy those first ??‍♂️ They’re not expensive…

Smear Danglers says:

What if I became the guy who got famous for smashing peoples expensive things to show them that things don't matter?

Mike Mason says:

Any musician or wannabe … When you get that urge to do the guitar toss…. Just dont.
Understand this. It's NOT easy..if you've never done it YOU WILL FAIL AND BREAK YOUR GUITAR.
Dont do it EVER…just dont.

Andy Talastasin Mance says:

2:00 drunk guys.

armageddon1981 says:

As a guitarist…this is a PSA on what NOT to do with your guitar!!!???

Dave Derby says:

and here's on I broke earlier!

Casey Colbert says:

0:26 Ned Steinberger invents the headless guitar

franco el zukulento says:

7:21 cuando compras una guitarra china

franco el zukulento says:

5:06 la risa del diablo jajaja

Blaze Gifford says:

Epiphone sticker on an Ibanez ?‍♂️ 6:49

Blaze Gifford says:

Lol these people really never heard of strap locks

lilHamster97 says:

Whoever that drummer is who got a guitar in the face and kept playing is a fucking hero

My dudez Frightening298 says:

1 2 3 4 headstock broken

cjsligo Jones says:

these aren't guitar fails…this is people throwing things they can't play.

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