ULTIMATE GUITAR PRODUCTION w/ Andrew Wade | Absolve your tone sins

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Salvation is nigh! ULTIMATE GUITAR PRODUCTION is here, with your host Andrew Wade.

This is the most comprehensive, detailed and ridiculously in-depth guitar course ever created, with over 100 (yes, one hundred!) instructional videos; a 50-page workbook; Andrew’s mix sessions; bonus mini-courses on acoustic guitars, guitar setup and amp sims; and much more.

And yes, my child, it’s true: you are invited to partake in the bounty at http://ultimateguitarproduction.com

Now rejoice! For tone is upon us.

Video director: Drew Russ – http://drewxruss.com



This is wild 🙂

Imja Niskazu says:

Let Wade be with you!

Ilan Benitah says:

Where do I get those shoes?

Ilan Benitah says:

I'm dead

Oilid says:

James Cameron could not have done a better job!

Stephen Cox says:

Andrew wade is the biggest goofball. Hilarious. I love this stupid video.

Yousef Jeddi says:

We need more ads like this and Purple Boys

humanseeming says:

looks like your average tom hess instructional video

Score of All Things says:

Is this available for a limited time, similar to when Ultimate Drum Production came out?

Aaron Barrett says:

I'm sure it's an awesome course but damn… 300 bucks is way too steep for this cowboy

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