Ultimate Guitar Teaching Tool? Fret Zealot! Unbox & Demo

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Taking a look at the Fret Zealot LED Learning system for guitar!

Sponsored by Fret Zealot!

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NutsTesticles says:

What happened to just fucking learning the guitar

Andrew Sherwood says:

I've been playing for like 8 years or something and I'm well past the point where this would be helpful for me, and I was thinking this would be another gimmicky piece of gear aimed at young player's parents who don't know any better, but this actually looks pretty useful!

I was afraid Glenn had sold out a bit, but we're safe for now 🙂


For some reason I was expecting a bunch of hate when I clicked on this video.

John Hooten says:

Glen Glen Glen. "I know a couple pentatonic scales and maybe a couple minor scales" ….
If you know A minor you know ALL the Natural major and relative scales you just don't know you know them. A minor is A aeolian and has all the same notes as the following: C ionian, D dorian, E phrygian, F lydian, G mixolydian, and B lochrian.

The one scale shape is the same for all of them and to play in a different key, you just slide it up and down. You know all of it, you just don't know you know it.

Pineapple Crack says:

The funny thing is I was kinda having a sort of wall because I felt like I wasn't learning anything (two years playing, first year actually taught, rest self taught). I see tons of potential to learn and push myself. My only question is does it accommodate drop tuning?

Bruceolee says:

Kids today have it so good when it comes to learning the guitar. Starter guitars are light years ahead of what passed for one back in my day and amplification all have to say is GORILLA amps! Kids have tabs on the internet anytime so no buying books of tablitures and also music videos anytime day or night. I remember finding a VHS of SRV's live at el macambo in "the tape deck" at the mall one day and freaking out like i'd found some lost treasure and now you have it all at your fingertips. I'm not complaining because really, good for them! I just wish i'd had these options in my day. although one area that is seriously lacking among young players these days that i have and that is my ear. I can tune a guitar with no help and by listening to a song can tell you the key and play along to it within just a few moments.

Pink Napkins says:

I wouldn't want to become reliant on little lights for my playing.

TheGeokaiser says:

Fellow macross fan… love the shirt.

titmusspaultpaul5 says:

That looks awsome. The only thing i would be worried about is relying on it to much once i had learned what i needed.

Jay Tyler says:

Glenn, you did have access to a tool like this back in the day. Do you remember the fretlight guitar? Problem is that you had to buy the whole POS guitar.

luis angelow says:

That instrumental sounds like Rainbow in the Dark. Awesome

david quinn says:

Good idea but for a beginner its massively over priced. Better off getting lessons….. and listen to Black Sabbath

Ewan T Youtube says:

Can you do light shows with it? I thought I saw that somewhere

Mognam says:

This is for lazy people who think a piece of crap like this will improve your playing. It will end up being a waste of money because lazy people are………… Lazy

Michael Hendricks says:

Hey Glenn I've got a question about wiring in guitars. I've had to go back and re solder wires in just about every guitar I've ever owned, from grounding problems to wires coming off of volume knobs. The only guitar that never gave me those issues was the cheapest piece of crap I ever owned, a peavey rockmaster. So.. What the hell? Is this a commom problem among guitar problems or is this just bad luck?

Utter Disaster says:

I think this used to be called fret zeppelin but they got into legal trouble

Val Oj says:

i want something similar for 88 key piano if any 1 know something like this exist for it pls let me know

dedballoonz says:

Two things I would love to know; first, does it have much impact on fretting notes? Does it feel discreet and out of the way, or right there and you gotta get used to it being there. Second, do you know if they have any options to program a solo into it so that theoretically you could hav a light display under your fingers when running a solo? That would be fucking wild.

Will B says:

Best way to use this, turn it on practise, turn it off practise, take a break and then practise with it off. Too much reliance on ‘visual’ wont help you ‘listen’.

You’ll forget it all visually if it’s not there.

Torzelan says:

Huh that was actually way more interesting than I was expecting, pretty lights aside the app and tab playthrough functionality seems very useful!
Agree that it's a shame it doesn't cover all frets, will be a future version surely.
Also, really enjoy watching Positive, Good Mood Glenn! ?

Gennady Golovkin says:

Everyone has to be different, just learn the fucking guitar. Jesus christ!!

no name says:

This is the most honest review I've ever seen, you rock

C Black says:

It could also be handy for bass players. You know – for when the laser pointer batteries run out. 🙂

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