ULTIMATE GUITAR TREM COMPARISON! – 5 guitars, one winner!!

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Check out this trem shootout between 5 mid-range guitars!
PRS SE, G&L Tribute, Music Man Sterling, Fender, and Squier!
Watch to see who will come out on top 🙂

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Leo says:

I'm thinking of getting a G&L Legacy Tribute but I'm worried that the bridge might be wrong for me. What's the range of the vibrato? How low can it go and also, can it flutter?

Anthony Sclafani says:

+Darrel Braun Guitar any experience with the Gotoh 510 or the Wilkinson V100? Anyone here have any experience with these trems?

sam and charlie show cool says:

Yes he did a dive

sam and charlie show cool says:

I found a fake flodrose in guitar center and it was 200 dollars

contact1araya says:

So I have a Fender 1994 40th anniversary with a trem similar to the squier on this video, I wanted to put roller saddles but I can't find them with the intonation screw on the side of the saddle, only on the center………..is there a replacement bridge plate with for a two screw trem but with the holes set for intonation screws on the center of the saddle?

dinein1970 says:

I upgraded my 48th St Custom Guitars Strat copy (think ESP Vintage 4/800) with a MannMade/ PRS 6 screw whammy and the improvement is immense. Brass and steel, all cast. Sounds great, huge improvement in sustain and tone.

Hans Baumeister says:

Very good information. I just don't get why Fender sticks to its Trem design from 1864? Okay, maybe not that old, but newer Trems are just better.

Michael Caz says:

I am looking to Replace by 6-Screw Bridge & Trem System on my 78 Stratocaster. I want to Float my Tremolo ( no divebombs ) just Nice Flutters. I need a Solid & Stable Trem Bar ( not the Fender Flimsy Screw-In – which Strips and becomes Loose !!! I am so confused as there are: Super Vee Bladerunner, Wilkinson, Sophia 2:22 ( which I love ), Vega Trem VT-1 Ultra Trem ( also very nice ), Hipshot, Kahler, Callaham & Gotoh – Any Input from the Guitar Community is Much Appreciated.

Shannon Sharp says:

My main trem guitars are an EBMM JP6 & PRS S2. Very well made, responsive, no slop & returns to tune every time, even with wild usage.

Bar Goldstein says:

PRS trem is my favorite non locking trem

SaxJockey says:

I just bought a Squier Standard Strat and am shocked at the play on the threads of the arm/block even when only one turn from fully in. Even with a spring in the hole it is no better, still play until fully tightened down (then it's too rigid). I would expect when nearly all threads are engaged there would be barely any play.

bresan79 says:

Hi Darrell. I have a Squier Deluxe Strat, however mine does not dive all the way down nor does it have good tuning stability even with slight use. How do you set it up to perform like yours? Thanks.

JackstandJohnny says:

I just floated the tremelo and did a basic setup on a $30 used BEHRINGER strat. With a $12 Tusq XL nut and roller trees it stays in tune just fine. Its about how well you set it up more than anything.

Erik Hartley says:

I'm trying to decide what to get for my MIM strat. I want the same sublte Vibrato feel as a standard strat but want the arm to feel more stable and stay in place. What's the best option if I'm on a budget? The GFS Wilkinson any good?

Larry Johnson says:

The Achilles heel of the fender tremolo is cheaply made bars, pot metal total garbage! It's a pain in the ass to back them out when they break, threaded would be fine if it were Solid Steel, the PRS with the set screw would be fine if the trim arm was grooved so it wouldn't pop out if you like it loose, the screw would catch on the groove and the arm wouldn't pop out had a hip shot trim with that set screw had a nice solid steel bar but the damn thing would pop out!

João Gustavo Cabrini says:

Many Brazilians accompany your channel. How about putting subtitles?

Alex1990 says:

For me Floyd Rose Bridge is the best tremolo ever.

Robert Zachery says:

Funny thing My first guitar was a Lefty Squier that turned out to be a fat strat (I found out later in musical career). The pic of the guitar had the 6 point trem but when I got it it Had a two post tremolo and 60's round headstock and was a really thick body with an HSH (Humbucker – Single coil – Humbcker) routing hole setup. Anyway I agree with you about the Squier's surprising playing feel and quality for money , in certain model ranges.Turns out it was made in Indonesia. I have long since put humbuckers and a floyd rose-esuqe locking tremolo, granted I've had the thing for almost 15 years now…Cool vids and great comparisons. Locking Tremolo Comparison soon maybe..?….if not already

Gabe PinllaGuitar says:

Great Video Darrell. Is the Sterling by Music Man JP Versatile? I’ve been thinking between the JP and the PRS but I’m not sure which one is more versatile. Which one do you think is more versatile?

silverdragon0000120 says:

A shame a original Floyd Rose couldn’t make it even the Korean ones are still pretty good

Shivendra Singh says:

hey Darrell! I am going to buy my first electric guitar but I am confused between Ibanez grg170 dx which has an fat 10 floating tremolo bridge and Ibanez 270 dx which have double locking floating Floyd rose bridge. so please help me in choosing because I am a begineer . I will be very thankful to you.

Thomas Walz says:

Always been a Tele guy… but finally got a Strat… a friend who was on hard times offered up an off-brand Korean Strat.

I was flush and could afford it. He said the neck was amazing… since I've known him for a long time as a fellow pro, I trusted his opinion. He was right, the neck is awesome….

It ended up that the rest of the guitar was junk. Pickups were WAY too hot, pickguard ugly, and the body had just enough non-standard shaping to not annoy Fender and attract the legal weasels.

I knew what pups I wanted, but the bridge… researched a bunch, it came down to the Floyd Rose Railtail.

Not sure if you reviewed it… but wow… expensive, but worth every penny. A wonderfully beefy brass block, beautifully finished and accurately machined. The bridge has rollers, and plenty of adjustment. It has sustain to die for, retains tuning perfectly.

The downside is that it is not designed to float, only bomb… but, I'm a tinkerer… we'll see about that once I have some more time to work on it, waiting on a body… meanwhile, the Korean one is letting me get used to a Strat…

Your vids are great, and I enjoy your playing… even though I'm a clean tone player… Peace.

allrockz carlo0910 says:

I think if you switch to thin block the Mexican fender it can make bomb all the way down

David Moya says:

How lame that all these guitar brands like prs have no choice but to copy fenders system and not just trem in most things , that shows right there that fender is the G.O.A.T THERE IS NOT A GUITAR BETTER , but that's whack all these company's can't be then selves

Mutant Baby says:

Tributes are made in Indonesia, right?

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