Ultimate Guitar’s Top 25 Easiest Guitar Riffs (Playing after one listen)

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Music is Win says:

I think a few people need to watch this video 😉 https://youtu.be/me-49_BXY8g

eNeNe says:

Can't make Seven Nation Army riff interesting? Come on…

Wilson From Castaway says:

Something in the Way is a great song though! It’s supposed to sound really dark and gloomy because that’s the point of the song!

jared allen says:

when bowie said everybody i'm pretty sure he meant nirvana

Jimmy Florida says:

I get a lot of laughs watching your videos. You teach but you do it like an entertainer. You are about my favorite lesson teacher out of several good ones on the tube. I enjoy all your videos.

Aidan Millward says:

Didn’t they mean the verse riff for number one?

Jeff says:

can someone explain to me what scooped mids means

Breic Gleason says:

Should have been Some Kind of Monster instead of Nothing Else Matters, jeez.

Schuyler Vaicius says:

Damn, I was expecting Blackened

pure blue says:

Creeping death is #1 and master of puppets is 2 and smoke on the water should not be here

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