Which Electric Guitar Strings Should I Buy?

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When you’re first thinking about changing the strings on your electric guitar, all the options can be a little overwhelming. There are many different gauges, materials, and brands. So which ones should you choose for your guitar? In this lesson, we’re joined by local guitar tech Steve Brand to answer this question and shine a light on some other common electric guitar string questions.

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Erik Arveklint says:

hey i just bought some dadario strings for a stratocaster that i got from my teacher and wanted to change strings. all strings exept the high E are fine but the high E is getting out of tune almost right after i tune it. any tips?

Zex Ryder says:

Where's the giveaway 🙁

Matt B says:

Hey! So I just learned that D'Addario has a string recycling program ('Playback')…but I think that it is only in the US. I'm trying to contact Long & McQuade (in Canada) to see if we have a similar program in Canada. I'll keep you posted!!

Funky Monkey1886 says:

Maybe worth mentioning that if the guitar has a tremendous replace the strings with the same gauge that came off it. Otherwise you run the risk of the tremendous being unbalanced and it won't stay in tune. Most manufacturers will put on their websites the factory gauge.

Derek Levesque says:

I learned today that you're in BC! that's awesome! I live in North Van and am about to start getting into Guitar, been watching this for a long while now. Been a great source of inspiration to get me going on this hobby. (electric by the way)

M.C Filis says:

I think the right answer is… the brand that sponsored this video ?

Hadley Scott McIntyre says:

D aquisto and vinci

hari preetham divvili says:

Do the same for acoustic guitar also

suresh adaveni says:

Which strings i should buy for acoustic guitar

Jay Dobbins says:


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