Wife Changes Guitar Strings

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Music is Win says:

Tell Bethany she's good at changing strings on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bethany_lars/ and grab a Playing Guitar is Pretty Fun teeshirt: http://bit.ly/miw-tee-1

warum5 says:

i'm impressed. Tyler, can i hire her as my guitar tech?

Roque Ortiz says:

"I've never changed guitar strings"
Gives her a Floyd rose bridge guitar

Jake Shumway says:

I see she didn't get too mad about scaring her with your practice amp

Nominal 1989 says:

People are that stupid to not realize that this is advertise video payed by ernie ball etc.

Dagos Guitar Covers says:

12:26 what


When I saw the floyd custom 24 I was thinking "Tyler you're inviting a divorce" but then he changed the guitar, and they all lived happily ever after.
(Also where'd you get that bag?)

Crazybafoon606 says:

When she said “this is gonna be a piece of cake” I was like I thought the same thing earlier today. (I changed strings for the first time today 1/25/2019)

Ronald Conrad says:

I thought you were going to stick with the Floyd…that would have been mean!

Ilove Peppers says:

Kinda reminds me of p_r_ acting..

Maxon Mendel says:

1:30 that's known as a "through-body" bridge

Liam Duffy says:

The Floyd would of been a stitch up

/ oof says:

When u to lazy

tkzsfen says:

the moment i was the Floyd i died 😀

alexlanza7&9 says:

One of the best video I've ever seen I just loved it! Ok the funny mistakes she made but it was her first time stringing a guitar, but the best thing is to see how well tuned you two are, you're just a great couple to watch and I'm glad you have her in your videos 'cause it's great to see you together.

Skully says:

I'm cringing so hard yet I can't bring myself to criticize her ? Hell I just figured out that I've been using my locking tuners completely incorrectly.

Earl00001 says:

The best imo was "trust rod" lol   Cool wifey there Tyler.

Volkswagenman3 says:

12:24 ???? What is that??? ???

BrandonPease Music says:

6:41 actually tries to see how heave it is haha

BrandonPease Music says:

6:41 actually tries to see how heave it is haha

Jake Hicks says:

Str8 ^ would have sex with you both.

Wayoojr Suchiang says:

this was fun tyler 😀 hehe you guys are cute

daveglander1 says:

I've got to give kudos to Bethany, she makes a hell of a better job than my other half would. She would probably have snapped the neck, broken every string, blown the valves of my amp (even though it wasn't even plugged in) and set fire to the house.

Gavin Klorfine says:

I legit laughed when u gave her the Floyd lmao you sick bastard

Mário J. Reis says:

the moment you gave her a floyd rose i thought "holy shit, you really wanna give her a challenge dont you"

Juroxa says:

Next, let Tyler do makeup on himself #challengeaccepted

Default says:

Love your shirt, lmao

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