Wired For Sound – Gibson Guitar Documentary

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WIRED FOR SOUND: A GUITAR ODYSSEY looks at the humble beginnings of the acoustic guitar in the Kalamazoo workshop of inventor Orville H. Gibson and its emergence from the shadows of the big band rhythm section to the center stage of blues, country and rock-and-roll. Features vintage performance footage and original testimonials from some of the greatest players in music history, including John Lee Hooker, Chet Atkins, Les Paul, Tom Petty, B.B. King, Peter Frampton, Hank Williams Jr., Emmylou Harris, Dave Matthews, the Elvis Presley Trio’s Scotty Moore, Grateful Dead founder Bob Weir, The Who bassist John Entwistle, The Rolling Stones’ Ron Wood and Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan. The Kings of Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Country and Western, and Rock and Roll tell the amazing, true story of the Gibson guitar and how it rocked their world.


Apphi Bios says:

RIP Gibson. The real Gibson died a long time ago.

SassyHershsey SassyHershey says:

Bankruptcy shows how few can be that good…..anyone can drive a car. Great guitars sit in the closets of millions. This doc. is a secret sales pitch.

riff tipton says:

My guitar is my woobie.

Pokerface1337 says:

I play a Gibson SG and 2 ESP LTDs. One with passive and one with active pickups. I do love my Gibson SG, which I use for the songs in Standard D# and the Viper 401 I use for the Drop C# tuning.

mark heyne says:

Slash was the one who spoke less about guitars and more about the love of playing, in fact the need to play every day.

Chemical Planet says:

I have a really good Ibanez and it plays great but next month I'll finally have the $ for a new Les Paul or an SG and I'm so torn about which one to get.

1 Minute to Mastery says:

This is not a Gibson doc at all.

wildcatter63 says:

It should be noted that since this was made Peter Frampton has been reunited with his original 3 pickup 54 modified all to hell 54 Black Beauty that was thought destroyed in a airplane disaster (Not the same guitar as pictured)

Mitch Arney says:

It's not about the guitar as much as it is about the drive and desire. These guys would have made it happen with any brand of guitar.

starlessskylark says:

Anyone know what year this was made?

Irish Mule69 says:

Where’s Jimmy Page ??? His guitar is the most iconic Gibson on the planet !!!

TheMetalGuy852 says:

I'd rather play a $50 pawn shop LTD than a $2000 Gibson. Seriously. i can't stand the necks on most Gibsons, they don't stay in tune and DON'T BREAK because of the issue with the headstock's design

Errol Fellows says:

Great! Most entertaining and informative. I MUST, however, take issue with Ron Wood for his disparaging remarks about Burns guitars and the Burns Black Bison. In 1968, I "acquired" a Black Bison Bass. Some right poncey arsehole walked on the stage of the club in which I was playing. This was during a break, if you'll pardon the expression!, and stumbled and bashed into my bass. The guitar fell and the headstock sheared off.
The guy had no money, but he did have a Bison Bass which he gave to me in lieu of cash. There were still a few payments owing on the Bison, but I took the deal.
I used it until 1980 or 1981, and then, in a moment of madness, used it as a trade-in.
I regret that decision.
The Burns had 3 pick-ups, volume, bass and treble controls, AND a 5-way pick-up selector!!
The tones were great, but, alas, I didn't really get to use them, because of the styles of pop stuff and light rock that I was playing.
I do remember one tone called WILD DOG! It groweled!!

Leandro Machado says:

Les Paul ohhh my God he was genius…. fantastic inventor and the architect for Rock’n’Roll definitely

Leandro Machado says:

I will say one name …”Charlie Daniels “ man he is the ultimate legendary musician that I have the deepest respect for , he pays the meanest fiddle, meanest guitar and also the meanest slide …. and he’s got that southern twang accent gee very cool very gifted musician he is prime !

ZeroCool2015 says:

Such a beautiful sounding guitar and she's absolutely gorgeous looking as well , the Gibson Les Paul.

ebiros2 says:

Hey Chet, where's your Gretsch ?

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