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Tereza Navrátilová says:

I am starting to learn how to play on guitar a please explain me what is the (5) thing

just issac says:

x is dead lol

Mark Mulvenna says:

Rest in peace Jahseh, you were and still are loved by so many. You’ve helped so many people overcome the darkest depths and the highest mountains within, I miss you every single day and it hurts.

magmaman65 says:

Why are they all one string melodies for the guitar?

Annette Jones says:

It's crazy how he died I've the most stupidity and shit x wanted us to have a happy life but some bitch had to take his innocent life and kill knowing that he was famous and had a life the people that were there were recording an shit it's horrible niggas could have helped him Instead the jus had to take a video rest easy Jah

andre el pro 711 says:

Your videos are so Cool, congratulations!

nichelimelight on IG says:

I’m new to the guitar so idk what (5) means, could anyone help??

X rip?

artuR. says:

Could you please add Chords to donwload in the descreption?

Foundatious says:

2:20 sad

Foundatious says:

I will try to learn these as my respects to x

Omar chavez says:

Everybody: emos are weird
*listens to sad music

Smol Bean head says:


Spicy Kechup says:

00:00 Jocelyn flores
2:24 Sad!
5:51 Changes
8:15 Moonlight
11:10 Fu*k love


Cristina Campoy says:

I’m trying to play all the songs

DomPlayz says:

im crying but I have to learn this P.S. now im playing it in school and people have crushes on me

Zoe Yunuen Hernández Andrade says:

Una pregunta,que significan los paréntesis???

Francisco Rios says:

What are the parentheses for

pepe mcgee says:


i recently just picked up the guitar listening to his songs so clearly im not the best was just asking what do the brackets mean

Hayden Ames says:

RIP X ?????

Thatcher Smith says:

respect for x

Llama Llama says:

Can someone please tell me what to do at the (5) for the first song you get every thing else

Daniel Rubio says:

Changes looks so easy to do I'ma go work on that

RAMZA PH says:

Create more plssssss


Whats mean (2)

XxZiroxX says:

Uplaod these tabs on ur insta please cant read it like this
I mean going across

Ryan Beggs says:


Gamingw/Alex says:

I wish i had a guitar

Elizabete Ziverte says:

what does those numbers mean?

5.56 X 45mm says:

He dead. That’s all. Won’t be missed. Music wasn’t good in my opinion. Don’t even really know why I clicked this video.

Stefan Iliescu says:

What is the 0? I can't found on guitar..
0 is the firts tab on guitar?

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