you've heard of guitar hero

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Ukulele music from this vid:

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Buttfart AIGHT says:

Cancer in its artistic form.

Griffin Kohrherr says:

I've heard of guitar hero…

Xavier Romero says:

Bass anti-hero

Sir Caco says:

Don't forget about the saxophone sidekick.

Marshmallow says:

wa why is this in my recommendation.???

u w u says:

instead of playing the notes, he makes them

Ivo Iva says:

Great video Ian. I laughed a lot!

Mexican Honoka says:

What about Anit-Hero Bass?

Corban Lyon says:

This is the (string cinematic universe)

Whats next piano man.

Ps a piano is a string instrument
Trust me

Nanaten says:

It needs more cowbells

Fujiwara Asuka says:

i can't get it

Postmodern Guava says:

AKA Rebecca Sugar

Flightness Snowbirb says:

"Hey, Soul Sister"?!?! You absolute fiend

Nathan Bowman says:

I’m more of a Cello Criminal

Shaun M says:

you've heard of guitar hero now get ready for

rip your own cock off

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